LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Multiple drug overdose calls prompted quick action by La Follette Police on Tuesday.  As a result, a La Follette woman is housed in the Campbell County Jail this morning after being arrested on drug charges.  Around 11:30 pm Tuesday La Follette Police’s Drug Unit and Special Response Team executed a narcotics search warrant at a home on Delap Lane, which is off Ridenour Lane.

La Follette Police Captain Stephen Wallen said, “This arrest is for sales of heroin and fentanyl responsible for all the overdoses on Tuesday.”  Based on 911 records, there were at least three overdose calls on Tuesday.  Those calls involved first responders and do not take into account anyone transported to the hospital in a personal vehicle.

Arrested was 30-year- old Ashley Elizabeth Powers (above) of 119 Delap Lane, La Follette.  She is charged with possession of schedule I heroin for resale and possession of schedule II fentanyl for resale.

According to jail records, this is Powers third arrest, and she has no bond.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 05/27/2020-6AM)

4 Replies to “LPD takes quick action following Tuesday’s overdoses”

  1. How many times does she get before she is put away for good??? She shouldn’t have gotten out the second time. First time shame on her but the second time is shame on the judicial system.

  2. Addicts make their own choices ,no matter where they get it they will continue to find a seller ,rehab doesn’t help most of them ,God and themself is all can help them .But EXCELLENT job LPD one less to help self suicide .Prayers to all the addicts and their families , drug addiction affects the whole family .And all addicts was once somebody good 😭

  3. Honestly as a recovering addict myself i never actually done anything other then pain pills and i met her through friends and its sad to me to see that ive been clean for 2 years and in the last 2 years shes went from looking like she cared about her self to absoulte hell..should she pull time for the overdoses why yes of course but you have to think about where she got it from to the one that made it and or got it from someone else so kinda like a 5050 with her beimg charged with said overdoses amd her not beimg charged… One thing is is that maybe they will see the recurring arrest and offer treatment with imprisonment because theres someones baby laying there rather their 18 or 45 thats someone child with their mom and dad or whatever wondering amd worried if their gonna make it or if their gonna be putting their child in the ground before they’s a scary feeling me myself have lost close family members from drugs.. Theres more out there other then heroin and fentanyl.. But All we can do is keep the lives that are gone or about to be in our hearts and pray for the family’s that have lover ones who are active drug addicts its hard but with that being said coming from both sides their not gonna change unless their ready and not only that but you cannot force someone.. Im a strong believer in giving the benefit of the doubt but after its happened more then once its more then likely not gonna change soon.. People can do whatever they won’t or will to this comment but truths the truth

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