TOP PHOTO: La Follette Police arrest a man and a woman on drug charges after seeing them camping at this apartment complex.

Charles Matthew Rose and Vanessa Mounts were arrested early on Tuesday morning and are each facing drug charges.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – While on his way to a call around 7am, La Follette Police Officer Zach Daugherty noticed a couple appearing to be camping out on the walkway of a North 5th Street apartment complex. Daugherty answered the call and came back to check out the situation.

Police were in the process of cleaning up this balcony walkway where a man and a woman were camping out.

As the officer walked onto the upper level of the complex to make casual contact, he told WLAF News that needles were in plain sight prompting probable cause. “There was just so much drug paraphernalia in plain view. A resident who was leaving for work had to step over everything to get by,” said Officer Daugherty.

Officer Zach Daugherty helps Charles Matthew Rose into the cruiser.
Vanesas Mounts is being assisted by LPD Officer Zach Daughtery as she steps into the cruiser.

Arrested were Vanessa Mounts, 35, and Charles Matthew Rose, 58, both known to officers. Police say Mounts is homeless and not sure if Rose has a home. UPDATE: Mounts lists her address as 417 North Tennessee Avenue while Rose is listed as homeless according to records at the Campbell County Jail. Each is facing the same charges; the manufacture, delivery and sell of schedule II Meth, possession of schedule III Suboxone and possession of drug paraphernalia. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/26/2022-8:30AM-UPDATED – 07/27/2022-5:30AM))

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  1. We really need to fix the cycle if theres no way to rehabilitate and get income for the homeless and disabled then there can never be change.

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