LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – A deputy answered two 911 calls from the same person before sunrise on the same day. Based on 911 records, Cameron Lee Jones called the emergency number twice on the morning of July 12.

Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Jacob Fox was called to 2421 Bethlehem Road to speak with Jones about multiple federal agents and a drone following him. Jones allegedly said federal agents were following him as well as a drone. When the deputy asked Jones about the drone, he pointed to a star in the sky and allegedly said “Look, it’s following me around. It even followed me in my truck.”

Fox gave Jones a ride to his house on Jackson Hollow Lane and explained to him nobody was following him. The deputy instructed Jones to go in the house and lay down for the night. Fox was again sent by central dispatch to check on Jones. This time, Jones claimed there were federal agents outside his home following him.

Sgt. Josh Jeffers went inside the home and asked if anybody there had seen anyone around the property. They had not, according to the report.

Jones, 40, 154 Jackson Hollow Lane, La Follette, was placed under arrest for misuse of 911. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/26/2022-6AM)