LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – LaFollette City Council met Monday afternoon for its monthly workshop with several administrative matters on the agenda.

The first item on the agenda was moving the scheduled regular monthly meeting from Sept. 7 to Sept. 14 due to scheduling conflicts. Next up was discussion of paving the parking lot behind city hall. The parking lot has not been completely repaved in more than 20 years. The cost is projected to be $235, 000 for paving and restriping. Council Member Mark Hoskins asked if the project could be done in sections over the span of a few years.

The annual ATV festival will not be held this year due to the lack of time to plan for it. Councilman Wayne Kitts suggested that the city look at forming a planning committee with other municipalities for next year. Kitts requested that City Administrator Stan Foust contact the other municipalities to see if they would be interested in participating.

Publisher’s note: The 5th annual Big Creek Fall ATV Festival was the last fest held in 2019. The pandemic put the brakes on the festival last year. The event, started in 2015, drew attendees from around the county, region and many other states and was the brain child of former City Administrator Jimmy Jeffries.

Noise in parks was on Monday’s agenda. Concerns were raised at last month’s meeting about fireworks and noise at the city’s RV park by Hoskins. Last night, Foust clarified that fireworks were not allowed inside the city limits and campers have a 10 pm noise ordinance. As the discussion continued, the council began to discuss all city parks and when they closed. It was clarified that all city parks close at dusk unless there is a council approved event after that time.

Concerns of speeding in residential areas and downtown was on the agenda. Foust reported that TDOT was currently conducting a traffic study in downtown LaFollette to address the speed issue. Currently neighborhood speed limits are 30 mph in the city, Chief Bill Rhoel stated that his officers would increase enforcement to help address the issue.

Previously representatives from Trane appeared before council to discuss completing an energy study with the city. The study would look at improving the energy efficiency and has been completed. Trane representatives have contacted the city to discuss moving forward. Should the city decide to go with the project, it could cost more than $2 million. If if does not move forward, the city could have to pay $68,000 for the study.

Council members requested that Foust set up a meeting with Trane to discuss the study.

Postmark LaFollette is currently utilizing the old LaFollette Post Office. Foust had spoken with representatives from Postmark who would like to lease the building. Kitts stated that 911 needed a bigger space and was in favor of letting 911 have the building for use if they are interested.

Four promotions will be on the meeting agenda for September. There will be a vote to promote Jesse Ellefson to full-time entry level fire fighter at a salary of $30,657.74 effective Sept. 25; April Marlow to full dispatcher at a salary of $22,464 effective Sept. 25; Gabriel Saylor to full time sanitation worker with a salary of $26,707.20 and Robert Blair to full time sanitation worker with a salary of $25,667.20 effective Sept. 25. The difference in salaries was attributed to Saylor having a commercial driver’s license and Blair not having a commercial driver’s license.

The council will have several ordinances and resolutions to vote on at the next meeting. They are Resolution 2021-12 amending the 2021-22 budget for payment of the fire department’s rescue truck, message/arrow board for the public works department and adding an ARP grant for the library to purchase computers, Resolution 2021-13 authorizing the City of LaFollette to participate in the Public Entity Partners (driver safety) Loss Control Matching Grant Program, this is done annually and Resolution 2021-14 amending the 2021-22 budget to add a capital outlay note for the purchase of an excavator for the public works department and funds for the fire department to purchase a heart monitor.

Ordinance 2021-10 amending the zoning map for the City of LaFollette, North Indiana Avenue and Ordinance 2021-11 amending the personnel policy will have a final reading. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/31/2021-6AM)

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  1. I honestly don’t understand why the city can have a noise ordinance law when the county will not make one. For anyone living near lake rental homes hates the no noise ordinance in the county

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