Authorities have been searching for William Bynum since around 9 pm Tuesday night.  Officials tell WLAF that what began as an assault on a woman at the Murphy Gas Station in La Follette ended up being about a 14-hour manhunt.  La Follette Police responded to the original call that turned into a pursuit down Towe String Road.  Reports from E-911 Dispatch are that the 25-year old Bynum took off driving a vehicle on Towe String Road hitting other vehicles with his vehicle.  In the meantime, police shutdown the road and continued after Bynum until he hit a vehicle head-on.  That’s when Bynum then took off on foot.

Tips coming in to E-911 Dispatch eventually led to Bynum’s arrest around 11:30 am Wednesday morning.  He was taken into custody without incident by Jacksboro Police near the Towe String Road rock quarry (Old Key Limestone facility).

JPD Chief Danny Chapman tells WLAF News that Bynum had come out of a wooded area, was dirty and tired and ready to surrender.  Chapman says, “Bynum went to his knees put his hands in the air and said I quit.”

There’s been a delay in the booking of Bynum, who has an Alabama ID, due to so many warrants against him from outside Campbell County.  As of now, he is also facing upwards of 20 charges from the La Follette Police Department and the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

No injuries were reported. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/03/2018-1PM)

UPDATE:  Bynum is charged with false imprisonment, vandalism over $1,000 and domestic assault.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/03/2018-7:30PM)

UPDATE:  Additional charges were issued today against Bynum who is listed as “homeless” and living in Jacksboro.  Here is the full list of charges:

Charge: 39-13-302  – FALSE IMPRISONMENT {Type: M}
Charge: 39-14-408B – VANDALISM OVER $1000.00 {Type:  }
Charge: 39-13-111  – DOMESTIC ASSAULT {Type: M}
Charge: 55-8-121  – IMPROPER PASSING {Type:  }
Charge: 39-13-103  – RECKLESS ENDANGERMENT {Type: M}
Charge: 55-10-206  – RECKLESS DRIVING {Type: M}
Charge: 55-12-139  – VIO OF TN.FINANCIAL LAW {Type:  }
Charge: 55-8-134  – DRIVERS TO EXERCISE DUE CARE {Type:  }
Charge: 55-10-102  – LEAVING SCENE OF ACCIDENT {Type: M}
Charge: 0000000001 – OTHER {Type:  }
    JOY RIDING (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/04/2018-4:00PM)

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    1. I hope all the people that were hit have insurance bc this guy isn’t gonna pay for those cars. He will get a slap on the wrist and a ton of restitution when he goes to court. In the end, the victims are who suffers. Good luck to all involved.

  1. Exactly my baby was the one he hit head on. Who’s car did this low life have anyway??? Who was it registered to????

    1. I’m too curious whose name was the car in… I’m pretty familiar with accidents and how insurance companies work… The cars registered owner will be liable since they’re showing the one who hit you didn’t have insurance. To be honest your vehicles will never be fixed what you don’t do yourself unfortunately

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