“I’m not sure if I should laugh or bring you a drink!”  “Blame the Russians!”  Those are a couple of the many texts received on Thursday night’s election coverage over WLAF.  And for good reason.  If you tuned in or tried to , you found out real fast that WLAF’s broadcast was headed south in a hurry.  There was a slight stumble to start before everything smoothed out for about 20-minutes.   Then the train left the station heading straight to the ditch.

Thanks to our wonderful and dedicated staff, WLAF recovered and finished the evening the totals and then had a record turnout for candidate calls and in-person interviews.  Thank you to all of you who called and came by.

We greatly appreciate your patience with us as we struggled to regain our balance.  And in the end, all of the evening’s sponsors wound up with more commercials than promised.

In almost 50-years of broadcasting, this night takes the cake.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/03/2018-MIDNIGHT)

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  1. You recovered nicely and got the train back on track before it hit its final destination. Good job and good recovery. stuff happens!

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