LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Approving a beer license for The Corner Market and voting to buy a $46,990 golf simulator are a couple of the items on next week’s agenda for the City of La Follette Council and Beer Board meetings.

The meeting begins Tuesday at City Hall at 5:30pm.

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 03/27/2024-6AM)

7 Replies to “La Follette looks to spend nearly 50-thousand dollars on golf simulator”

  1. Why is a gulfing simulator even needed? This appears to be a poor use of money with everything else that money could be spent on. Such as hiring another police office to enforce the law with side by side riders. I see so many people in danger with people not wearing helmets riding them and driving at night.

  2. Why a golf simulator. There are several of them that is alot cheaper than $46,000. A big waste of money.

    1. There is roads in the city of lafollette that are falling apart. When was the last time the mayor or any other elected officials drive down beach street.

    2. Big sheet with clouds and trees painted on it. Digging up Van Gogh himself? Fix something for the youth of LaFollette to keep them off drugs. Somewhere to go when there’s no one at home to watch them. Invest in the future.

  3. I totally agree! You can’t walk on the sidewalks because they are in such bad shape, but spend nearly fifty thousand on something that only a few people can use at one time! Wonder who thought that up!

  4. Big sheet with clouds and trees painted on it. Van Gogh himself being dug up to paint it? These kids need somewhere to stay off drugs. How bout fixing that.

  5. Yep. Cuz our roads are horrible, our citizens are struggling and we have homeless people in our community but lets spend $50,000 on a golf simulator that will probably be installed next to the golf course instead of, oh i don’t know, MAKING THE COMMUNITY BETTER!!!

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