JACKSBORO, TN. (WLAF)- The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office is disputing that a 27 year-old- male overdosed in the jail over the weekend.

This is the record of the 911 dispatch for the alleged overdose.

Monday morning WLAF published a story reporting a male inmate had overdosed at the county jail. CLICK HERE FOR STORY.

The reporting was based on a call to 911 requesting medical assistance because a 27-year-old male had overdosed but was still breathing. Records from 911 verify this was the call placed from the jail, and it was reported as an overdose.

Officials with the sheriff’s department have disputed the story.

Tuesday afternoon, Campbell County Chief Deputy Cody Chapman called WLAF.

“This was not an overdose, he was high,” Chapman said. When the offender was brought to the jail, the nurse on duty advised he be taken to the hospital to be medically cleared, according to Chapman.

“This was not an inmate, he was brought to the jail,” Chapman said noting that other agencies bring offenders to the facility.

Jail records reflect that one male matching the man identified in the 911 call was booked in at the jail around 4:30 pm Saturday. The 911 call was placed at 8:40am on Sunday, according to 911 records. The inmate believed to have been the subject of the call was arrested by the Caryville Police Department, according to records.

Chapman said drugs in jails is not a problem specific to Campbell County, it is a nationwide issue.

Last week, six females overdosed at the county jail. CLICK HERE THE STORY.


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  1. I Recommend our Sheriff and the Officers for all they do.I hope all drugs- all of it is stoped!!!!It’s killing our Children, Parents, Grandparents, sisters,brothe, nephews, nieces, cousins, all our family’s please leave DRUGS ALONG PEOPLE!!!!!!!

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