TOP PHOTO: One person was seriously injured in a morning wreck. (PHOTO COURTESY OF CARYVILLE FIRE CHIEF EDDIE HATMAKER)

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – One person was seriously injured just after 8:15am Wednesday when a deer came through the windshield of a vehicle, according to authorities.

The vehicle left the four lane near Dog Creek Road, between Jacksboro and Caryville, after striking the deer. One report indicates the deer came through the windshield. The vehicle continued off the road into a wooded area striking a tree.


The driver, a 60-year old female, was airlifted from the scene. The four lane was temporarily shutdown at 8:45am. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/30/2022-9AM)

3 Replies to “Patient airlifted from wreck scene between Jacksboro and Caryville”

  1. I hope the injured woman recovers soon.
    But I do want to say that vehicle deer whistles are cheap and effective at preventing deer collisions. I had them recommended to me years ago by the Maryland State Police and since then I’ve had individuals and small herds heading into my path just turn tail and run in the opposite direction – one just two weeks ago was running down an embankment when I approached at 65 mph – she went back up the embankment even faster than she was coming down.
    I’ve had them turn tail when I was doing as low as 25 mph (specs say they’re effective at 30 mph) and as high as 80.

      1. I hope more folks start using them.

        One near-incident in Tennessee that really stands out for me was on the southbound side of I-81 heading downhill where it crosses the Holston – A herd of about 15 deer was running across the median and it looked like they would end up intersecting my path! They didn’t. They did a 180.

        So many times I could have been involved in a deer collision and avoided it. Makes me wonder how many times there was that danger and I just never noticed the deer.

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