TOP PHOTO: The first accident of the day was north of La Follette.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – A morning of wrecks began in the 6am hour today followed by four more; all within a four hour span.

The first mishap involved a car going off the road and down an embankment on Davis Creek Road just up from the Duff turn off near Cotula. The driver, alone, was not injured.

This four door Kia left Davis Creek Road before sun up on Thursday.

Just after 7:30am, a car hit a tree based on the call in to Central Dispatch. The car went off the road at 1521 Pinecrest Road near Willy White Lane. There were no injuries.

This wreck happened at 7:40am on Thursday on Pinecrest Road.

A Ford Ranger pick-up truck flipped onto its top on Highway 441, the Norris Freeway, not long before 9am. The driver was said to be out of the truck and walking around. The mishap occurred in the section of Campbell County between the Norris Dam West Overlook and the Norris Dam.

One person, the driver, was injured in a single-vehicle wreck on Pleasant Ridge at 10:22am. Reports are that the car hit a utility pole on Davenport Road.

At 10:30am, an ATV wrecked off Highway 297. On Elk Fork Road is where one person was injured when their ATV wrecked. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/13/2022-10:35AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF LAFOLLETTE FIRE CHIEF JIMMY PACK)

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  1. We were just there this past weekend visiting family who moved there two weeks ago. We fell in love with Jacksboro. Hate to hear about all those accidents three days after leaving.

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