TOP PHOTO: The orange is just beginning at the mail box.

Under the camper awning is where Donna and her sons used to watch Vols football on TV.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – In a blink, Donna Hawkins went from having her two sons cheering on the Vols with her to cheering by herself. Today’s Game Day is a bittersweet day for Hawkins whose sons, Scott and Tracy, vanished without a trace last August. Though its Tennessee game days like today that help her cope with her sudden loss all the while stirring memories of the boys, as she calls them, shouting and cheering at the television.

Tracy, Donna and Scott Hawkins are pictured in this family photo at the grave of their father/ husband, Daniel Hawkins.

“We win and our UT flag stays out through the weekend. A loss brings it down, sometimes before the game is over,” said Hawkins.

Donna doesn’t want people to forget her boys.

People even stop and take photos of her Big Orange tribute which now serves as a front yard shrine to the boys. “I went overboard, but it helps me cope,” said Hawkins.

Donna points to where they used to bring their big TV outside to watch Tennessee football.

At night, Hawkins has her place lit up. It’s her way of “shining them back home” she says. “I’ll get an answer someday. I’ve prayed too hard not to,” said Hawkins as she sniffles.

The big T leads to the front door of the Hawkins home.

Hawkins thinks she doesn’t have that many enemies. “I wouldn’t wish this, her sons gone, on my worst enemy whoever that is,” adds Hawkins.

“This is all dollar store stuff, but it’s million dollar stuff to me,” said Donna. This grill was given to Scotty three days before he and Tracy went missing. They grilled out on it once before their disappearance.
Ma is Donna and her late husband Daniel is Pa. Their boys were raised on Tennessee football.

On this Game Day, she’ll be a few houses down the street at a neighbors watching the Vols play Ball State. And her boys will be right there with her, in her Big Orange heart. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/01/2022-6AM)

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  1. Donna is a very hardworking christian woman,grandmother,friend, family and etc. Of God.thank you for helping them get the word out about her boys.please don’t give up and continue to pray for her family.Love to all of y’all.have a blessed day!

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