By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Regional Planning Commission met Monday evening, approving several minor lot subdivisions and recommending a road acceptance.

First discussed and approved on the agenda was a minor lot subdivision on Lakeside Drive for Michael and Jennifer Bennett. 

Next approved was a minor lot subdivision on Pinecrest Road for Thomas Brown.

The final minor lot subdivision approved was on Kennedy’s Lane for Scott and Cindy Koenig. 

According to County Planner Jordan Rockwell, the requests all looked good and met criteria.

J.C. Miller (left) and Jordan Rockwell.

Also approved was the recommendation for a road acceptance for Chelsea Lane, Sussex Lane and Kensington Lane in the subdivision behind CVS. 

According to Rockwell, he had been asked several times to put this on the agenda.

He also said he “believes County Road Superintendent Ron Dilbeck supports the acceptance.”

“It all meets criteria and was built up to standards when it was built,” Rockwell said. 

The road acceptance recommendation has to now go before the county commission for final acceptance. 

Final business discussed was the requirement that plat fees are due at the time of the meeting or the secretary won’t sign the plat and the planning commission won’t hear it. Plat fees are $35 plus $10 a lot. 

Left to right are Scott Kitts, Whit Goins and Warren Kitts.

After the meeting’s close, planning commission member Scott Kitts asked other planning board members to recognize longtime County Commissioner Whit Goins who has retired. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/02/2022-6AM)

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