By Charlotte Underwood

CARYVILLE, TN (WLAF) – Caryville Elementary’s Ashley Tobergte is WLAF’s teacher of the week. 

 Tobergte teaches firstst grade at Caryville Elementary School. This year makes her fourth year as an educator. 

Tobergte said she was inspired to teach by the children in her church.

Ashley Tobergte is WLAF’s teacher of the week.

“My dad is a pastor, and I have been teaching Sunday School and Wednesday night youth groups since I was in highschool. Working with children has always been one of my passions,” Tobergte said.

Her favorite part about being a teacher is being responsible for making an imprint on the lives of her students.

“I love knowing I can make a difference in so many lives, and that so many of them can also make a difference in my life!” Tobergte said.

A few positives from this past year was being able to teach face-to-face as opposed to virtual. 

“My students worked so hard this past year, and all of them surpassed their reading and math goals at the end of the year. We were very blessed to show tremendous growth all year long!”  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/26/2021-6AM)

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  1. Wonderful recognition for a deserving young lady. And the reporter spelled her last name correctly!

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