By Charlotte Underwood

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The importance of elections is something Ann Ayers Colvin learned from a young age growing up in Stinking Creek. Come election time, her dad would make the rounds, picking people up in his truck and driving them to go vote. Ann said she always went with him on these trips, and the importance of helping people is something that “always stuck with her.”

“I always had an interest in the election process from a young age. People would load up in the back of dad’s truck and off we would go to vote at the school,” Ayers-Colvin said. 

With a heart and mind for serving the community, Ayers-Colvin said the past 10 years as Campbell County’s Administrator of Elections has been “wonderful and hasn’t felt like work.” She is retiring from the position effective July 30. 

“I’ve always loved helping the community, and that’s what this job has been all about,” Ayers-Colvin said. Prior to taking on the election administrator position, she previously served as the deputy mayor under former Campbell County Mayor William Baird. 

When the election administrator position came open in 2010, Ayers-Colvin applied. 

Ann Ayers-Colvin’s smiling face has been a fixture at the Campbell County Election Commission Office since 2010.

“I had always kept up with and loved elections and helped people with their campaigns, so when the position opened up, I was very interested,” Ayers-Colvin said. 

She said the job was a wonderful learning opportunity, and she has seen many changes over the last decade. The one thing that hasn’t changed was the integrity of Campbell County’s elections. 

“It’s so important to know the election laws and keep elections fair and open. I’ve enjoyed every bit of it; learning all the ins and outs and what it takes to hold an election in all 21 precincts. We’ve always done it by the book and it shows,” Ayers-Colvin said. She also said she wanted to thank everyone that has helped with elections. 

“The citizens of Campbell County always step up and are willing to come in, train and run the different precincts; if not for that, elections wouldn’t happen. It takes a county effort,” Ayers-Colvin said. 

Working with people and the public has been her favorite part of the job, and it’s something she will miss. 

Retirement plans include several bucket list items such as visiting a historical Inn from the Bob Newhart show. Ayers-Colvin and her husband will be visiting Vermont and staying at the Wayburry Inn. “When I was a teenager, I would watch that show and just always wanted to go see that Inn,” Ayers-Colvin said.  She also plans to visit a former exchange student in Quebec, as well as seeing more of the western states. 

“This job has been a wonderful opportunity, and I am honored to have held the position,” Ayers-Colvin said.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Thank you for all your help over the years, Ann! It seems like only yesterday when you started – Jim Freeman.

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/19/2021-6AM)