LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – A domestic dispute call in early October has reached a resolution, and the family could not be more pleased with the sheriff’s willingness to help, according to a family member.   See the television story from WATE’s Don Dare HERE.The call of a domestic dispute at a home on Morton Road came in to 911 Dispatch on October 11, and Campbell County Deputies responded accordingly with two units being dispatched.  One Sheriff’s official said, “It is procedure, if personnel is available, to send at least two units to a domestic call, because of the dangerous nature of domestic situations.”

Dispatch explained to deputies as they were in route to the call that the caller said there was a male on site that was possibly drug impaired and extremely violent. This was the seventh time this year that deputies had been called to this address, based on 911 records.

The deputies report detailed that once on scene, a male subject exited through the back door of the house. On two separate occasions, he was commanded to stop and show his hands, and he did not both times.  At that point, a deputy deployed his department issued taser from approximately ten-feet away, based on the report.

Once detained, it was learned that the individual was hearing impaired, and per sheriff’s office policy, medical personnel were dispatched to the scene for medical evaluation. According to sheriff’s officials, the man was cleared of any health issues pertaining to being detained.

It was brought to the Sheriff’s Department’s attention that the individual’s hearing device may have been lost while deputies were in the process of detaining him. At Sheriff Robbie Goins request, a replacement cochlear hearing device is in the process of being purchased for the individual.

On Facebook, the individual’s mother, Jamie Wilhoit, wrote, “I am thankful as well as Brett also for Robbie Goins making sure his cochlear is replaced. This was unfortunate for sure, but I understand.  This has happened several times with Brett but never to this level of tase.”

In a release from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Department, Sheriff Robbie Goins said, “While it’s unfortunate this happened, domestic violence calls are some of the most dangerous calls our deputies face on a daily basis. Our deputies are required daily to make split-second judgement calls with the information they have during the situation not what they find out later.  I believe our deputies acted as any other reasonable law enforcement officer would in that situation.”  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/23/2019-2:30PM)