A non-working headlight led to a trip to jail for Kelvin Lynn Chumley.


Last Wednesday, Deputy Zack Daughtery noticed a vehicle on Old Middlesboro Hwy and turned to follow him. When Chumley noticed Daugherty, he sped up. Daugherty was able to catch up with him after several miles with lights and sirens. During this time, he noticed the vehicle cross the center line several times at a high rate of speed, approximately 90 mph in a 40-mph zone. He also crossed into the lane of oncoming traffic many times. After several miles, Chumley turned onto Glade Springs Road. At this point Sgt. Mike Owens joined the pursuit, according to a report from the Sheriff’s Department. Once he was on Glade Springs Road, Chumley slowed to 20 mph and turned left toward Fountain Lane. Chumley then slowed to 10 mph, finally stopping at a home on Fountain Lane.

Officers ordered Chumley and his two passengers out of the vehicle. When asked his name, Chumley told officers he was Randy McDonald and gave a fake birthdate. Owens was able to locate identification and identify Chumley, who allegedly told officers he had taken suboxone and was going to his brothers after picking up the female passenger. After a check through dispatch, it was discovered that he had two first offense DUI’s on his record. Chumley was also unable to provide valid proof of insurance for his vehicle.

Chumley of 187 Fountain Lane, LaFollette is charged with violation light law, speeding, violation light law, felony evading arrest, criminal impersonation, driving while revoked, reckless endangerment, failure to maintain lane, driving under influence (3rd offense), violation implied consent law and hold for another agency.

After appearing in court on Tuesday, the 42-year old man remains housed in the county jail this morning on a $12,000 bond.  Chumley returns to court in February; February 19 in Criminal Court and February 21 in General Sessions Court.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/30/2019-6AM)