Days like today bring words to an old Blood, Sweat & Tears song to mind “I hear that’s it’s cold way down there, yeah, crazy cold way down there.”  It’s dangerously cold today here in Campbell County, and it will be deathly cold tonight and into the early hours of Thursday.

Temperatures dipped below freezing early Tuesday and will not climb above freezing until up in the day on Thursday, and that will only be momentarily.  In the mean time, protect people, pets and pipes, because cold like we rarely have around here is here.

Today’s expected high of 24 is 23-degrees below average while tonight’s low of five to 10-degrees is more than 20-degrees below average.  Wednesday weather brings mostly sunny skies, snow flurries and bitter wind chills with a high of 24 along with a Wind Chill Index (WCI) in the single-digits.  Tonight features partly cloudy skies, a low between five and 10-above with a WCI of five above to five below.  Temperatures begin moderating a little on Thursday, more on Friday and much more over the weekend.

The Warming Center is open.  It’s located inside JR’s Party Place at the East Gate Center next to La Follette Middle School.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/30/2019-6AM)