A man has alleged a reckless driver assaulted him.


Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Dakota Williams went to a home in Caryville on Sunday, Jan. 20, where he was met by Caryville Police Officer Billy Lowe, who was the first to arrive. According to report from the sheriff’s department, Mikel Logan Jobe told Lowe, “I beat his ass” referring to the victim. The victim alleged Jobe had come by the house traveling at a high rate of speed and the victim went to his truck to call 911 about a reckless driver. Before the victim could get in his vehicle, he was allegedly being struck by Jobe several times in the face and neck, when he fell to the ground. At this point family members allegedly intervened and got Jobe off the victim. The victim and the witnesses alleged Jobe said he only drove by the house to get the victim to go to the lake where he could “jump him.”

Williams noted in his report he could see redness on the victim’s face and neck area. When Williams spoke with Jobe he said he drove by the house and when he came back up the road, the victim was waving a flashlight toward him. He then stopped his vehicle and got out and confronted the victim in his yard, when allegedly the victim placed his hand behind his back. Then Jobe struck the victim in the neck with his fist.

Jobe, 20, 452 Lake Road, Caryville is charged with assault. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/28/2019-6AM)

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  1. What some fine citizens of Campbell County we have. Nothing but idiots!! No wonder this town is what it is!!

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