“When a big 18-wheeler comes rolling by here, it’s like the Wild, Wild West with big clouds of dust,” said David Bales, owner of Bales Buick – GMC.  TOP PHOTO:  Thick dust covers every vehicle on the Bales lot and has for several days

Bales has a lot full of beautiful new cars and trucks.  All covered in ground up pavement dust.

La Follette Mayor Mike Stanfield tells WLAF, “We run our sweeper each night, and the paving crew also runs a sweeper, but the particles of the ground up asphalt are so small, that it’s impossible to get it all up.  We’ve had a lot of complaints.”

Campbell County’s oldest car dealer, Gamble Motors, fell under the dust bowl days before Bales Buick – GMC did and so did JR’s Used Cars

Bales explained that you must wash this off, because if it stays on too long, it will be very tough to remove.

Stanfield explains that the paving project was to have actually begun on October 1st.  He estimates that it will be early December before the project’s completed.  Stanfield adds that the asphalt grinding and laying of new asphalt will stretch from Stop Light 10, at Cumberland Avenue, all the way to Charley’s Pizza, at the southwest city limits.

Michael Hammons, owner of Logan’s Car Wash and a candidate for La Follette City Council, tells WLAF, “The dust is horrific.  Just take a look at Gamble’s Motors and JR’s Car lot. We’re having fewer people come in to the wash than what we should be with the beautiful weather. We’re down probably around 30% or more compared to what we should be.”

You can barely see the price on the windshield of this Bales GMC

Bales Buick GMC staff members washed several vehicles Wednesday afternoon.  Time will tell how long they are able to remain clean.

So.  Until the project is finished in a few weeks, the Wild Wild West keeps center stage.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10/25/2018-6AM)


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  1. It’s hard to even breathe while driving through town now. People with compromised respiratory issues are having trouble. This is a health hazard as well as the damage to our vehicles and property. Why take the road down to this level and not finish the job, especially with no way to drive around this area?

  2. The dust is making a lot of people sick and making it hard to breathe can something be done for all the Dust and why is it taking so long to finish the road

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