Lots of tears, hugs, and stories were shared Wednesday at Terry’s Pharmacy in La Follette.  It was Gwen Patterson’s last official day on the job at the end of an almost 41-year career.La Follette Mayor Mike Stanfield even proclaimed June 6, 2018, “Gwen Patterson Day” in La Follette.  Pharmacy owner Rissa Pryse tearfully read Stanfield’s proclamation to the crowd.

Patterson (L) visits with long time patient Wayne Heatherly.  He says, “I’ll miss her.”

An appreciative Patterson was a little overwhelmed at the turnout.  Many well wishers stopped by the pharmacy, and there were quite a few phone calls as well.

Ova Bowman (C), Patterson’s 94-year old mother, took her by surprise with her visit.  She told Patterson, “It doesn’t look like you’re working very much.”

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“I wish you a good life,” said Wendy Huckaby (R).  Huckaby’s been a patient of Patterson’s for 28-years.  Patterson (L) with Jackson Sharp.

Best to you, Gwen.  We’ll look forward to seeing you around when you come back to help out on the extra busy days.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/07/2018-6AM)

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  1. A wonderful Lady! Really gonna miss seeing you there. Hope you enjoy yourself!

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