Today marks Opals 100th birthday, and she’s recognized by the City of La Follette

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “Mom was a nurse for a while for Dr. J.W. Presley, and she’d doctor Mike, my brother, and me,” said Bob Goins as he laughed. He goes on to say that she’d take a needle and thread and sew up a cut. Goins mother, Opal, celebrates her 100th birthday today, and on Tuesday afternoon, Mayor Cliff Jennings proclaimed January 31, 2024, as “Opal Goins Day in La Follette.”

TOP PHOTO: On Tuesday afternoon at City Hall, La Follette Mayor Cliff Jennings congratulates Bob Goins as he accepts the proclamation for his mother, Opal.

Inside the City Hall auditorium is where the mayor read the impressive proclamation.

Opal and her late husband, Jesse.

“She is doing well, living with her daughter, Brenda. Opal uses a walker and gets around the house pretty well. She enjoyed her gardening until about three years ago,” said Aileen Goins, Opal’s daughter-in-law.

Bob and Mary Goins

“She’s a really good cook. Bob’s favorite is her fruit cake,” said Mary Goins, Bob’s wife. She was a really good mother to those boys and their sister, Brenda, added Mary.

Mayor Cliff Jennings (center) reads the proclamation out loud as Mary and Bob Goins listen along.

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/31/2024-6AM)