LAFOLLETTE, TN. (WLAF)- A LaFollette man stands accused of deceiving three area homeowners, according to a report from the LaFollette Police Department. The alleged deception began April 2022 and continued through Dec. 2022.

Victim one

The first victim called Charles Dewayne Wilson of Wilson Heat and Air in April to repair her heat and air unit. Wilson told the victim she needed a new heat and air unit that would cost $6,574. The victim wrote Wilson a check for $4,224 for the installation of a new heat and air unit. The victim was given a receipt for the total amount for equipment and labor, showing $4,224 paid, the report said.

Wilson then returned to the residence 10 days later and allegedly said he installed a new two ton Amana air conditioning unit and a new heat unit in the basement. The victim paid Wilson $800 by check leaving a balance of $665.

In Sept. the victim’s heat was not working properly again and then contacted Wilson to check the unit. Wilson returned and charged the victim $285 for the repair/install of a heating unit. Four days later the victim wrote Wilson a check for $200 with this documented as the payoff for air condition unit, furnace and labor.

In Nov. the victim’s heat and air unit was not working properly, and she could not get in contact with Wilson, according to the report. The victim contacted another heat and air company to come fix the unit. That’s when the victim learned that her heat and air unit was not new but was allegedly approximately 20- years- old.  The other service company repaired the unit temporarily until the victim could decide what to do.

The victim tried several more times to contact Wilson to discuss the issue. The victim reported when she was able to get in touch with Wilson, she allegedly told him that she was going to press charges against him. A short time later Wilson came out and replaced the unit with the one that was supposed to be installed initially. After installation the victim noticed that the furnace was not heating the home properly. The victim tried again to contact Wilson but was unsuccessful.

In December, the victim contacted the LaFollette Police Department to file a report against Wilson. The victim did not want Wilson back at her residence and planned to call another company to replace or repair the unit installed by Wilson.

In February, the other company removed the existing furnace installed by Wilson. A new unit was installed, and it was discovered the furnace had a manufacture date of 2019 and the air conditioner had a manufacture date of 2020. The company also found the vent pipe for the furnace and water heater was not connected properly and carbon dioxide was being exhausted into the basement, according to the report.

In March, the victim attempted to use the air conditioning and discovered it would not work. She called the other company who came back out and found the thermostat installed by Wilson was bad and would not activate the air conditioner unit. The thermostat was replaced so the unit would function properly.

The victim paid Wilson $6,109 and the other company was paid $3,958.50.

Victim two

The second victim contacted Wilson in Oct. 2022 when their heating unit quit working. According to the report, Wilson had completed work for them approximately 12 years prior. The victim expressed concern to her husband she had heard some issues with Wilson’s work from others and no longer trusted him. However, Wilson came to the home and told the victim the unit had shorted out. Wilson allegedly advised it would cost about $3,700 to replace the outside unit. He allegedly asked for the money up front, and the victim wrote him a check for $3,083. Wilson returned two days later and replaced the unit stating to the victim “he had fixed her up.” The victim reported the unit was heating so she wrote him a check for $1,184, totaling $4,267 that she had paid him for the unit. He requested her email address so his wife could send her the warranty information, but she never received the information.

The next day the unit stopped heating and would only work if it was switched to auxiliary heating, the report said. The victim reported she sent a text message to Wilson and asked if he would come check it; he never replied or came back.

The victim reported a short while later she switched the thermostat over to air conditioning and discovered it did not work. After this, they noticed the unit did not look new, there was rust under the fan and the unit was badly faded and dented up. The victim’s husband texted Wilson several times to tell him the unit was not new. Wilson allegedly promised to replace the unit numerous times and each time never showed up. The victim reported they researched the model and serial number and discovered the unit was manufactured in April 2012.

As of March 2023, Wilson had not replaced the unit with a new unit as agreed upon. The victim reported that she had filed a civil action against Wilson and has paid an additional $230 in court costs.

Victim three

A third victim contacted Wilson in Nov. 2022 to give him an estimate on a new gas furnace. Wilson gave him an estimate of $5,436 to which the victim agreed. Wilson requested $4,000 up front to purchase the furnace. The victim reported he had paid Wilson cash and did not receive a receipt. Wilson told the victim the furnace would be delivered on Nov. 14 or 15, and that he would install the unit on Nov. 16, according to the report.

On Nov. 14 Wilson contacted the victim stating the unit was damaged in shipping and had to reorder another unit that was scheduled to arrive on Nov. 17, and he planned to install it on Nov. 18. The victim stated that Wilson did not show up or contact him on Nov. 18. The victim reported on Nov. 22 Wilson finally answered his call and stated that he would be there on Nov. 25. The same week Wilson called the victim to tell him a death in the family prevented him from installing the unit Nov. 25. The victim agreed to reschedule and was contacted by Wilson on Dec. 7 stating that he would be there in two days to install the unit, but he never showed up. The victim tried calling Wilson but found his number had allegedly been blocked.

Sometime around Jan. 6, Wilson learned the victim had decided to go to civil court; this is when Wilson contacted the victim stating he had the unit and wanted to install it. The victim allegedly told Wilson that he wanted his money back and found out about others who had done similar business with him. The victim reported that Wilson never returned his money.

Charles Dewayne Wilson, 50, 3003 Murrayville Rd, LaFollette was charged with home improvement provider failed to refund money and financial exploitation of elderly.

Wilson was arrested Tue., May 23, around sunset, at the White Bridge by LaFollette Police. He was out on a $50,000 bond by midnight and is due in court this morning. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 5/30/2023- 6AM)