JACKSBORO, TN. (WLAF)- Felicia Williams’ attempts to hide her guns and her children from police didn’t go well in fact, she was arrested.

The Campbell County Grand Jury returned a multi- count indictment against Williams last week that included two counts of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, filing a false report and three counts of child neglect.

Williams drew the attention of school officials after her two children had missed more than 39 days of school by the first week of December. Concern grew when it was reported that on occasion Williams had allegedly forge medical excuses to justify some of the absences, the report said.

It was determined that a visit to the home was needed.

When authorities arrived, they noticed that while the home was cluttered and unkept, it was being lived in. Police further noted broken windows “with large shards of glass lying around,” the report said.

Eventually locating Williams in the home, she allegedly told police her daughters were ill and had been taken to the doctor by their grandmother. However, officers saw a child in the home. When confronted, Williams allegedly told police the 8- year-old child was there but was “scared of officers.” Williams denied the other child was home.

A records check revealed Williams had an outstanding probation violation warrant. Following her arrest, police tried to contact someone to pick up the child. This included calling the physician’s office where the other child was allegedly being seen. Staff at that office said the children had not been in the office since 2019.

After observing unsafe living conditions, which included cockroaches crawling around the home and moldy food, and no one being available to pick up the child, the Department of Children’s Services was called.

Once they arrived, Williams predicament escalated. While Williams showed authorities around her home along with her empty gun safe claiming there were no weapons in the home, her other 10- year-old child was found hiding “under a pile of clothes,” the report said.

Next to where the child was discovered police allegedly found five long range rifles and a revolver. DCS next learned that Williams was a registered felon.

As police were leaving the home, a whiff of marijuana was detected, the report said. Sitting on the kitchen counter was “a marijuana grinder.” When police opened the grinder, “particles of a green leafy” substance were seen, according to the report.

Williams will be arraigned in criminal court on Monday. (WLAF NEWS 3/22/2023- 6AM)