The white car is back at the street after going over this embankment.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The call of a single-car wreck, over an embankment, with injury came in to La Follette Dispatch around 8:30 Wednesday morning. First Responders with the La Follette Fire Department responded along with La Follette Police to Claiborne Road where it splits with South High Knob Road.

First Responders were on the scene literally within seconds.

Campbell County EMS was dispatched and then was told that the wreck was non-injury.. Not long after 9am, CC EMS was paged to return to the scene of the wreck that there now was injury.

The white paint on the light pole makes you think the car may have hit the pole before going over the embankment.
It was a busy couple of hours where Claiborne and South High Knob Roads split. An LUB crew was already at work in the area when the wreck happened.

The white Nissan Altima, with to back license plate, went over the embankment on the east side of the road. The operator of the rollback wrecker from Lyk-Nu pulled the car back to the street and then loaded it onto the bed. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/28/2022-10AM)