LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – At the City of La Follette’s monthly beer board meeting on April 5, the Red Roof Market was represented by Attorney Steve Hurst for a third violation. Hurst requested the matter be postponed until a pending criminal case could be resolved. He reported the issue should be resolved on April 20. The council agreed to meet Thursday afternoon to take the issue up again.

The violation was the result of an undercover operation where alcohol was sold to a minor without being asked for identification. Councilman Mark Hoskins reminded the council at the previous meeting that the law states on a third violation the license to sell beer is revoked. Last year the owner of the market appeared before the board for its second violation and paid a $3,500 fine.

Hurst appeared before the beer board Thursday to present his case as to why the Red Roof Market should retain its beer license. Hurst told the board that Red Roof Market conceded to the violation. He reported they had reviewed the video evidence and the employee did in fact make the beer sale without checking the purchaser’s identification. The sale was allegedly made utilizing the employees’ own driver’s license for proof of age.

Hurst outlined the safety steps the market currently has in place to prevent another illegal sale going forward. He then asked the board if it had any recommendations for additional safety steps for the market. The board did not make any recommendations.

Hoskins made a motion to revoke the beer license. Councilman Wayne Kitts seconded the motion. All board members voted in favor of the revocation effective immediately. The market will be eligible to reapply one year from today for a new beer license. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/22/2022-6AM)

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  1. Any charges against the clerk for committing a Class A misdemeanor, at the very least?

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