LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – A man attempting to place a food order ended up in jail instead.

On Sunday, Campbell County Sheriff’s Deputy Preston Mullins noticed a black Nissan Altima merge from the intersection of Taco Bell and cross all four lanes of traffic on the four lane . The vehicle continued east bound into the first lane of traffic without giving a proper turn signal, then crossing back into the second lane of traffic without giving a proper signal again.

Mullins activated the blue lights on his patrol car to conduct a traffic stop. The Nissan continued to drive slowly then turned and crossed both westbound lanes into the O’Reilly’s Auto Parts parking lot. Mullins continued to pursue the car with his blue lights activated, but the Altima continued slowly into the Krystal restaurant parking lot. A male driving the vehicle turned and looked in the direction of Mullins but proceeded to the drive thru speaker of the restaurant and came to a stop. Mullins exited his cruiser and began to approach the Altima. As he approached the Altima, he heard a store clerk announce over the speaker “Bud, I think you’re getting a ticket.” Mullins then saw the driver look into his driver side rear view mirror and make eye contact with Mullins, according to a report from the sheriff’s department. The driver of the Nissan accelerated and proceeded to the exit of the parking lot while Mullins was yelling “stop.” Mullins went back to his patrol car and followed the Altima through the end of the drive thru where the vehicle stopped.

Mullins began toward the vehicle and saw the driver reach into the back passenger floorboard of the vehicle. As Mullins approached, he saw an open can of Miller Lite sitting upright in the rear passenger floorboard. When Mullins made contact with the driver of the car, he noticed an odor of alcoholic beverages coming from inside the vehicle. The driver was asked to provide a driver’s license and proof of insurance. He failed to provide proof of insurance and fumbled with his wallet as he provided a Tennessee driver’s license. However a check of the license revealed it was revoked for reason of a hit-and-run.

When Mullins was speaking with the driver, he noticed the man continued to look straight forward and avoided making eye contact with Mullins. He also noticed slurred speech from the driver and asked if he had consumed any alcohol to which the man replied, “not in a long time.” He then asked how long, and the man reported approximately six hours.

The man identified as Richard “Rick” Ambrose Broyles was failed the field sobriety tests. Broyles was and refused to provide a sample of blood.

Broyles, 52, 180 Lowes Lane, Jacksboro was charged with failure to maintain lane, improper lane change, drivers to exercise due care, driving under influence (DUI), driving while revoked, violation implied consent law and felony evading arrest. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/01/2022-6AM)