Billie and Tom Leach are on the far right with other volunteers of the Campbell County Cancer Association.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Cancer Association, which has helped thousands of local cancer patients, was the idea of Billie Leach. Billie died on Christmas Day, her late husband Tom’s birthday.

Tom, a very successful realtor, was a cancer survivor. The story goes that as Tom and Billie sat in a Knoxville doctor’s waiting room, Tom asked Billie “how do people afford to come to these appointments? This costs money.” Billie and Tom then came up with the idea of a way to help the people of Campbell County who are battling cancer. That’s where the Campbell County Cancer Association (CCCA) was born.

Billie Leach was the founder of the Campbell County Cancer Association. (PHOTO COURTESY OF WALTERS FUNERAL HOME)

“I always called Tom and Billie the grandfather and grandmother of CCCA, our founders,” said Clarence Lowe, the director of the CCCA. Lowe adds that over three-plus decades, the CCCA has helped thousands of cancer patients. All the money raised by the CCCA stays in Campbell County just for the county’s cancer patients.

“She was a faithful member of our organization and always willing to lend a hand in what ever project we undertook. Billie was a wonderful lady and a blessing to our community,” added Lowe.

“Billie and Tom were such supporters and encouragers of the CCCA,” Lowe noted. She was also a faithful member of East La Follette Baptist Church for 65 years.

Billie Seiber Leach was 91-years old. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 12/27/2021-6AM)