LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – If you travel the four lane, you know Larry “Flash” Jones. He was the 52-year old man suffering from Huntington’s Disease who walked in a wobbly fashion along the big highway up close to the white stripe.

TOP PHOTO: Larry “Flash” Jones is shown here in the summer of 2018 soon after he was released from the hospital after being hit by a car.

Jones was hit by a car Saturday night on the four lane near Charley’s Pizza, and according to WLAF’s count, this was the fourth time he’s been hit over the years. The last time was in August 2018 when he was hit in front of the former IGA/Woodson’s Super Market. It was his most serious incident to date forcing First Responders to have him airlifted to a Knoxville hospital.

One source tells WLAF that Jones had just left Charley’s Pizza Saturday when the accident happened around 10:15pm. This time, Flash, nicknamed by his high school teammates on Wynn’s 1986 state basketball tournament team, didn’t make it. He died not long after the mishap on Saturday night according to officials. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 09/05/2021-3PM)

25 Replies to “Jones didn’t survive the latest time he was hit by a car”

  1. I just gave this man a ride a couple of weeks ago to Charley’s Pizza. The temperature was nearly a hundred degrees and I was worried he would have a heat stroke. I couldn’t pass him up without giving him a ride.
    I cried when I dropped him off, giving thanks to God that my children are so blessed.
    Rest in peace young man.

  2. So sorry to hear that I have seen him walking a few times, god bless his heart and family.may he rest in peace.

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