Valley View has its very own rock for the kids to paint, dubbed the Bobcat Boulder. It was donated and delivered by Roger’s Group on Thursday.

By Charlotte Underwood

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Valley View Elementary School has its very own rock for the kids to paint like the high school. Dubbed the Bobcat Boulder, the rock sits in front of the school. 

The project was headed up by First District School Board Member Jeffrey Miller. The rock was donated by Rogers Group and was freshly painted by Valley View Elementary Assistant Principal April Paul to welcome the kids for the new school year.

The rock was delivered by Rogers Group and put in place on Thursday. It was placed where a large tree had to be removed due to rot. 

Miller said the project was just another way to make school a fun place for kids to want to go and learn.

Bobcat Boulder was a blank canvas until Valley View Assistant Principal April Paul went to work.

“We want to develop an atmosphere that’s fun and engaging at Valley View; that’s why we’ve upgraded the playground, added more murals to the school and developed so many fun projects like this one,” Miller said.

Miller said he also wanted to say a huge thanks to Rogers Group for the donation, as well as to the Campbell County Schools maintenance department, Valley View Principal Jason Dotson and Assistant Principal April Paul, along Director of Schools Jennifer Fields for all their support. 

Assistant Principal April Paul painted Valley View’s Bobcat Boulder to welcome the kids for the first day of school. The project was spearheaded by school board member Jeffrey Miller.

According to VVES Principal Jason Dotson, the boulder will become a creative way for the kids to express themselves through art. 

“Our ongoing vision for Valley View is to enrich our students and integrate ways for them to express their imagination. We feel like the Bobcat Boulder will enable them to do that through their collective paintings and creative artwork,” Dotson said.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/09/2021-6AM-PHOTOS COURTESY OF FIRST DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER JEFFREY MILLER)