JELLICO, TN (WLAF) – A call of a possible trespassing last Friday sent Campbell County Deputy Christopher West to the Starlight on High Cliff Lane, Jellico. When West arrived, he found a red Nissan Altima parked in the parking lot. He noticed inside the vehicle a white male in the driver’s seat, a white male in the passenger set and a white female in the back seat. West spoke with Sgt. Wayne Barton who told him that he was notified about a person climbing through the window of the Starlight, and he was also told that while the person was climbing through the window, there were two white males in the front of the Altima, according to a report from the sheriff’s department.

West spoke with the driver of the vehicle, Johnathan Nathan Cupp. When West checked Cupp’s warrant status, he found he had a capias bench warrant and placed him under arrest. The deputy then talked with the woman in the backseat who identified herself as Cherokee Perciful who allegedly admitted to criminally trespassing in the Starlight. The man who was in the passenger seat of the car identified himself as Kenny Allen Siler.

Once all the occupants were out of the Altima, Barton deployed his K-9 Mya, and Mya alerted on the car. A search of the Nissan revealed a clear bag with an unknown amount of crystal like substance inside, three pink, six-sides pills inside of a Dewalt case. Under the driver’s seat was a glass pipe and a scale. Cupp and Siler both denied ownership of the found items. Inside the trunk were two glass bottles containing a liquid that was labeled Testosterone in the trunk of the vehicle, and also found were two bottles labeled Trenbolone. When Cupp was questioned, he allegedly reported that he did not know the items were in the trunk.

According to the report, Perciful was cited for criminal trespassing.

Cupp, 35, 388 Kentucky Street, Jellico was charged with possession of schedule II controlled substance, possession of schedule III controlled substance (three counts), possession of drug paraphernalia, mfg/del/sell controlled substance.

Siler, 42, 5631 White Oak Rd, Duff was charged with possession of schedule II controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 8/6/21 -6AM)

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  1. Good police work. We need people like Deputy West to go out and do their best. Yes it is his job, Yes he is expected to do it. But the reality is not everyone in the public supports Law Enforcement. By detaining, investigating, and ultimately arresting these non-contributing members of society Deputy West prevented numerous other crimes from being perpetrated on hard working members of society by these suspects.

    Without the SheepDogs guarding the herd the wolves will succeed.

    Semper Fi
    Stay safe

    Daniel Decker

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