By Charlotte Underwood

HABERSHAM, TN (WLAF) – Wynn Elementary’s Rebecca Baird is WLAF’s teacher of the week. She teaches fourth and fifth grade RLA and Social Studies at Wynn Elementary School and has been teaching for 24 years. 

Wynn’s Rebecca Baird is WLAF’s teacher of the week.

According to Baird, it was Margaret Faulkner and her assistant Opal Orick at East LaFollette Elementary who inspired her to become a teacher.  

“I loved being with them, because it felt like we were in an episode of Sesame Street all day.  I came from a loving family that valued education, although we often struggled financially.  It seemed that education would give me an opportunity to change my future,” Baird said.

It was education that helped Baird achieve her goals and so she became a teacher to help her students realize they have opportunities too.   

The best part of the job for Baird is enjoying the experiences with her kids.  

“It is so much fun to get excited learning Tennessee or American History.  It is wonderful to see their faces as we get lost in an amazing novel together. It is rewarding when a student makes progress in learning to read by themselves. With every group of students, I always learn something new or see something from a different perspective,” Baird said. 

Another favorite part of her job is her coworkers and where she works; something she said she has been “thankful for,” especially over the past year.

“The team at Wynn also makes this job enjoyable.  It is a great experience to work alongside so many individuals who do their jobs so well.   

Although this year was filled with challenges and uncertainty, we were glad to be together.  I think the obstacles helped us appreciate the opportunities we have,” Baird said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/08/2021-6AM)