TOP PHOTO:  Once the fog cleared Wednesday morning, a La Follette Public Works crew went to work to  mend a broken section of the four lane.

Here’s the finished project.  Traffic is set to begin flowing over the new road patch at 4 pm on Wednesday.

Left to right:  Frankie Dople, Seth Dixon, Brandon Stanford and Danny Benge prep the area of repair as they await a load of asphalt.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “The water standing in this spot is the culprit, and once we get this finished, we should be OK here,” said Casey Boshears, Director of Public Works for La Follette.

Casey Boshears finishes up his last bit of work with the mini crawler excavator.

A spot of broken pavement across the four lane from La Follette Monuments continued getting worse, and today was the day Boshears and his crew tackled the problem.  “It ended up being a lot deeper and wider than it looked before we started digging,” added Boshears.

Darin Foust turns the skid steer loader after placing the last load in the pick-up truck below.

The right lane of the four lane heading west toward Jacksboro has been closed for much of the day for the repair.  Asphalt is due to be in place, and the lane should be back open  by around 3 pm.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 10.07/2020-1PM)