TOP PHOTO:  Saturday’s surprise birthday parade for cancer fighter Dalton Brown brought out smiles all around.  The now 15-year- old Dalton Brown was completely caught off guard thanks to his parents, David and Amanda, ability to stay quiet.

More than 70 cars, trucks and vans paraded past Dalton Brown’s home on Saturday afternoon.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Cancer fighter Dalton Brown’s 15th birthday came and went without much fanfare on Friday.  That quiet celebration only helped the organizers of his birthday parade create an even bigger surprise come Saturday; a birthday parade right up his street in front of his house. Brown has been battling leukemia since his diagnosis last month and the outpouring of community support continues growing daily.  Saturday’s parade provided plenty of proof.

Dalton’s mother, Amanda Brown, said, “Dalton was completely shocked. He realized when the cop car came up the hill and saw a trail of cars following it with balloons and other things on vehicles what was going on.  He grinned the entire time.”

He told us, “You know what is weird?  I think this is the best birthday I’ve ever had, and this is the year I was diagnosed with leukemia.”

“His dad David and I are humbled by the community support and love that continues to be shown to our family specifically Dalton. Even more special was that fellow leukemia fighter, Baby Jack Price, was cheering Dalton on in the parade line,” said Amanda Brown.

Happy Birthday, Dalton. …and many more…