“You won’t come in the water.”  That’s what Matthew Foust shouted back at deputies late Tuesday afternoon as he swam in the Indian River area of Norris Lake, according to the report.

Following a lengthy foot chase along the lake bank off Shawnee Drive outside La Follette, Foust jumped in the water continuing to elude law enforcement.  After no luck at talking Foust out of the water, Deputy Anthony Branam went into the water after Foust.  Based on the report, Branam attempted to grab Foust, they fought and Foust then forced Branam under the water prompting Deputy John Minor into the lake to assist.  Foust continued to fight even after the cold, soaking wet trio made it onto the lake bank where Foust was handcuffed by Sergeant Joseph Hopson  as Deputy Robbie Ward assisted.  Immediately, special attention was given to the soaking wet and very cold trio to ensure their safety.

The water arrest began when Minor answered a prowler/suspicious person call on Shawnee Drive.  Once contact was made with Foust is when the foot and swim chase began.

Deputies knew that the 33-year old Foust of Shawnee Drive had an active warrant ahead of what he was suspected of doing Tuesday.  He faces new charges of aggravated assault, vandalism, resist-stop-frisk-halt-search and evading arrest.  Foust remains housed in the county jail this morning.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/11/2019-6AM)