The Campbell County Board of Education held a brief final meeting before three members depart the board in September, including Chairman Clint Bane.  WATCH HERE.  Bane was gracious following his unsuccessful re-election bid, telling fellow board members that it had been a privilege to serve on the board and wishing “the new board the best.” Wallace Goins was also present for his final meeting while Jennifer Orick attended her first meeting since being appointed by the county commission to fill her late husband’s seat.

With the school year having just begun, little business was conducted although the board did approve a number of budget amendments. One of those amendments involved a $1,488,878 loan from the Energy Efficient Schools Initiative to replace lighting at all county schools with energy efficient LED lighting.

The loan will be repaid over twelve years at one percent interest and according to Finance Director Jeff Marlow, the savings on electrical bills will pay off the note with several years remaining in the life of the new lights.

The board also approved a capital outlay appropriation that includes $12,000 to set a new water meter for the CCHS athletic field that will enable the school system to avoid paying the matching sewer fee.

In a brief report, Director Jennifer Fields announced that the system is presently installing state-of-the-art security cameras on all school buses. The work is progressing at the rate of one bus every day and all buses in the system will shortly have the cameras.

Next month, the board will convene with three new members and one of the first orders of business will be to elect a new chairman. Current vice chairman Johnny Bryge will open the September meeting.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 08/15/2018-6AM)

3 Replies to “Brief school board meeting bittersweet as three depart”

  1. After reading this I am discouraged to know they can pass all this and let the band at high school go that has no support from the Boe or the school it’s self they have to practice on a very unlevel feild come on let’s change this stuff for the kids this school system is a joke. Also the high school is no different than the citizens of this county to pay for sewer just like us let not show favortismnow on to the the cameras on the bus they have been saying they are going to do this for years and it has never happened come school board be honest to the public support the programs and show us public that you are going to do what u say you are going to do

    1. I have to agree that the band is left for last on everything….yet they expect them to be at every game and rally the team to win….. Come on, lets step up and help them!

  2. As far as this article this school board and cchs need to support the band there they have no support they have to practice on a unlevel field someone will get hurt one day come on support our student groups they need help. As far as the sewer they are no different the the citizens of this county to have to pay the sewer charge if they don’t it will be put on the citizens to foot the bill as far as the cameras on busses they have been saying that for years and hasn’t happened. So you all need to do stuff for the children of our schools and just stuff to get grant money. Be honest show the citizens that you are going to do stuff for the kids and be honest.

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