Campbell County Commissioners DeWayne Kitts and Ralph Davis attended the National Association of County Officials over the weekend at Nashville.  Senator Lamar Alexander spoke about the opioid epidemic that has affected rural America.

The senator informed Commissioners Kitts and Davis that the U-S Senate is tackling the opioid crisis in several ways including more research to find non-addictive medicine to replace opioids and require the Food and Drug Administration to disburse opioids in blister packs of three or seven pills instead of in bottles.  Alexander stressed there are currently 42 provisions in the Senate from 38 Senators across the country to combat problem.

Senator Lamar Alexander (L) is joined by Shelby County Mayor Mark Lutrell answering questions at last weekend’s National Association of County Officials conference.

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 07/17/2018-6AM)