The LaFollette City Council agreed to move forward with an additional $5,000 of funding to complete the RV park. Councilwoman Ann Thompson voted no, saying that she disagreed. The city has already spent $18,000 on the project.   WATCH the full meeting on demand right here.  Thompson told WLAF that on Jan. 3, 2017, the council agreed to take down the building in-house and then see where to go from there. Thompson continued that she requested they do the project in phases, because they were taking a lot of money out of fund balance. Thompson expressed concern over the project, because it will not benefit the citizens of LaFollette and the money could be spent somewhere else.

Police officer Monty Miller was promoted to sergeant at a salary of $35,728.27 starting June 9. Council agreed to appoint David Longmire back to the Utility Board of La Follette Utilties, Mayor Mike Stanfield pointed out that this is the last time he can serve.

A plaque will be dedicated to Jack Wilson.  Stanfield said he bought and planted two sugar maple trees in Sergeant Park, and that Wilson always helped the city when he could.

Bids for asphalt paving and pavement marking were received last week. Rogers Group came in with the low bid at $219,020.  Jim Mullens, head of the street department, said the work would be done from Tennessee Avenue to Blue Drive on Loop Road.

Resolution 2018-13 was passed; the resolution amended the 2017-18 budget to pay $100,000 on the balance of payment on the fire truck chassis. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 06/06/2018-6AM)

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  1. West Avenue NEEDS to be paved badly….there are people walk up and down this street all the time…would you please consider paving this street….thank you for considering this move…..

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