This morning, Monday, November 5 around 9:30 am, The Campbell County Sheriff’s Office Special Weapons and Tactics Team along with Jellico Police Department executed a narcotics search warrant.

  It was at 636 Wright Street in Jellico at the home of 42-year old Ronnie Ray O’Brien. Sheriff’s Office Investigators conducted an investigation into O’Brien selling illegal narcotics. Investigators conducted several undercover investigations, purchasing narcotics from this residence prior to the execution of the search warrant.

Investigators located illegal narcotics inside O’Brien’s house and other paraphernalia that was used in the facilitation of the sale of narcotics. Ronnie Ray O’Brien will be facing charges of: the sale and delivery of a schedule II controlled substance methamphetamine two counts and the sale and delivery of a scheduled II controlled substance methamphetamine in a drug free school zone two counts.   (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 11/05/2018-NOON)


5 Replies to “CCSD & JPD raid Jellico home”

  1. People’s lives are destroyed because of drugs and dealers broken homes children suffering increased poverty community’s run down the people are getting tired of this It been a long time coming home they get them all.

  2. Broken homes. Children suffering Communities run down its time they sheriff of cc. Cleans up the streets lives restored keep up the good work

  3. That is so sad, It was our home years ago and it makes me so angry to see it in any connection with drugs. SAD , SAD

  4. I grow up in this home thats my moms house and thats my brother that got coult i hope that nothing happend to my mom bec she had no clue what was going on in her home….

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