This is the WLAF-Charley’s Pizza Birthday Club. Pamela Kennedy is the latest birthday dinner winner from WLAF and Charley’s Pizza…-…Enter birthdays by emailing to with BIRTHDAY on the subject line or call 423.562.1450…-…Happy Birthday to you,

Jacklyn Myers is 4

Dave Williams

Melissa Payne is 19

Jacob Patterson is 5

Faye Hill

Tony Phillips is 14

Isaac Wilson is 33

Glenna Irwin

Katheryn Angel is 75

Ed Harbeziniski is 70

Brian Lee Starks is 24

Pamela Kennedy

Connie Jones is 49

Sheila Green

Melissa Brown

Shelly Smith

Bawna Cecil is 55 – Ellen Slover’s daughter

Jane “Miss Jane” Duncan

Bailey Rutherford is 23

Desire’ Foster is 26

Layla Mae Kitts is 1

Mark Welch is 42

Anna Smith is 103-“The Queen of Bearwallow”

Frank “Deadwood” Moore

Angela Kimberlin

Jeff Cole Bubba Wilson is 57

Francis Campbell

Joey Jones-“The Manager at Hardees”

Bailey Ball is 10

Wanda Lawson

Gail Russell

Lindsey Carroll

Albert Kidwell

It’s the WLAF Birthday Club. Call your birthday in to 423.562.1450 (or email to with subject line of birthday).