Jane “Miss Jane” Duncan

Nasha Keithley is 27

Kelsey Moore is 23 – Matthew’s sister

Emersyn Elise England is 3

Brenda Brandenburg and her grandson Jacob Brandenburg

Dawna Cecil is 55

Shelly Smith is 41

Connie Jones is 48

Glenna Irwin is 85

Dane Deavours is 38

Sarah Howington is 13

Charles King is 46

Cleda Bailey

Barbara Collingsworth’s birthday is Jan. 26, and her son, Robbie Weaver’s birthday is Jan. 27. Robbie is 51

Anna Smith is 102, the Queen of Barewallow

Frank Moore

Mark Welch

Angela Kimberlin

Pamela Kennedy

Baily Ball is 9

Albert Kidwell is 36

Bertha Bruce is 100

Katie Campbell

Wanda Lawson

Jamie “Bubba” Wilson is 55

Lori May Matthews is 52

Ben Mitchell is 6

It’s the WLAF Birthday Club. Call your birthday in to 423.562.1450 (or email to wlaf@1450wlaf.com with subject line of birthday).