TOP PHOTO: Surveyor Scott Bowlin speaks to planning commission members and commissioners Beverly Hall and Scott Kitts about a proposed subdivision on Monday evening. 

By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – Campbell County Regional Planning commission members met Monday evening, approving one minor lot subdivision, and the preliminary plats for two major lot subdivisions.

First up was the preliminary plat for Stones Mill Subdivision on Mill Road.

Planning commission members approved the preliminary plat after a brief discussion.

According to county planner Jordan Rockwell, he recommended approval of the preliminary plat “contingent on the homeowner association bylaws including the language about maintenance on the road being under its responsibility. 

This will be a private development and gated community with a private road. All the upkeep will be on the responsibility of the home owner’s association, according to developers.

The subdivision includes one set of condos, and the rest will be residential lots.

It will be within the Jacksboro/Caryville utility district. 

Approval was for the preliminary plat only.

County planning commission Chairman J.C Miller, left and County Planner Jordan Rockwell, right, at Monday’s planning commission meeting. 

Planning commission members also approved the preliminary plat for a major lot subdivision for Big Creek Estates on Landmark Road. 

Planning commission members have discussed the Big Creek subdivision several times over the past two years and most recently at the December meeting.

It will be partially built on the “the old Campbell County landfill” at 779 Landmark Road, Jacksboro. 

Planning commission members discussed this subdivision the first time over a year ago when they met with the environmental engineer representing developers Vince Cyron and Mike Allen to briefly discuss a concept plan for the subdivision which is for 44 lots. The 44 homes that will be built will be “five to nine bedroom houses, primarily for vacation rentals.”

Storage buildings, trailer parking and a road would be built on a former class one type landfill, according to the proposal, but the homes themselves will not be. 

“The landfill is the big thing; I’m still concerned about it and the drip field,” said Planning Commission member and county commissioner Rusty Orick. 

The waste water treatment consists of a drip field. There’s a backup drip field in the plan as well.

According to the surveyer Scott Bowlin, the “only thing that will disturb the landfill is only on one section of road.”

At the meeting a year ago regarding this subdivision proposal, County Planner Jordan Rockwell had said the Tennessee Department of Environmental Conservation (TDEC) would have to look at it and “sign off on it.” According to Rockwell, the integrity of the cap on the landfill was the biggest question at the time. 

“TDEC signed off on it,” Rockwell said.

Orick asked to confirm that everything has been approved by TDEC.

County planning commission members approved two preliminary plats for major lot subdivisions and one minor lot subdivision on Monday evening at its monthly meeting. (Left to right) Rusty Orick, Dewayne Gibson, Scott Fields and Greg Leach. 

Developers responded that there is an “environmental plan that will be monitored by TDEC for the development.”

He also asked if the water coming from the landfill had been tested. 

Developers said it had and that “it tested as clean as drinking water.”

The landfill has been closed since 1982.

According to developers, the home owners association would own the road and be responsible for it and that it was stated as such in the deed.

“We’re asking for preliminary approval which will allow us to start that eight inch water line,” said surveyor Scott Bowlin. 

Planning commission member Scott Kitts asked Rockwell his opinion. 

“To me, they have submitted everything we have asked them to do and TDEC has signed off in it,” Rockwell said.

Orick suggested that the county attorney review it to make sure the county will not be on any liability with the construction on the old landfill. 

Rockwell agreed that it would be a good idea to include that in the motion and also said he would like to see the home owner’s association bylaws.

Orick said that while he was still concerned about the landfill, he saw no issues with moving foward with the preliminary plat providing the county attorney Joe Coker reviewed everything.

“There’s no one more concerned about the landfill than I am; but the preliminary will get it started.  I know it’s going to be a big undertaking with the water,” Orick said.

Larry Tannis who is an adjacent neighbor to where the subdivision is being developed attended the meeting and asked how developers were going to handle boat ramps.

Developers responded they were “going to put in a private ramp on the estate and a community boatslip.”

In other business the County planning commission approved a minor lot subdivision for Eugene Hatmaker on Andrew Lane. 

This is a simple lot combination, according to Rockwell and he recommended approval.

“It looks fine to me, and I don’t see any issues with it,” Rockwell said. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 04/02/2024-6AM)