Tennova La Follette Medical Center began treating patients on July 16, 1956

TOP PHOTO: This 1956 photo of the La Follette Community Hospital looks a lot different than the now Tennova La Follette Medical Center looks some more than 65 years later.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – On Sunday, July 15, 1956, La Follette Community Hospital was dedicated, and the next day patients were being accepted and still are all these years later. “It’s unique to have what we have here. To have access to La Follette Medical Center’s Emergency Room and hospital medical care is phenomenal,” said Dr. E.G. Cline. Cline has been a part of the medical community for 50 of the medical center’s almost 68 years.

This image shows the front parking lot and the east side where the emergency room entrance was located. This side was also reserved for doctors parking.

When the hospital opened, there was only one wing. At the far end of the east wing was the operating and recovery rooms along with the labor and delivery department.

In 1960, only four years later, the west wing was added to the hospital providing 32 more beds.

Today, the chimney at the rear of the original building still stands.

“Rural emergency rooms and community hospitals are very vital specifically to this community.  In instances that you would have a stroke or heart attack, it’d save you from having to drive a long distance in seeking treatment for a medical emergency,” said Ben Owens, Emergency Department Director for Tennova La Follette Medical Center.

Additions after 1956 also include, first, the La Follette Health & Rehabilitation Center, top left, and the Medical Arts Building, front right.

“We’re close and accessible to the community so we are able to quickly treat and get the appropriate treatment for your medical emergency.  All of our nurses here are trained to quickly assess and treat patients and get them to the appropriate destination via ambulance or 15 minutes to Knoxville via Lifestar,” said Owens.

Years ago, the Emergency Room was moved from the east side of the hospital to its present location on the west side.

For a small town, we had and have exceptional medical care, according to Cline.

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