“I would be honored to retire from this position,” Director of Schools Jennifer Fields said.

JACKSBORO, TN. (WLAF)- A topic on Tuesday night’s Campbell County Board of Education agenda that was tabled resurfaced as the meeting was ending.

On the agenda was an item to “consider proper notice to extend” Director of Schools Jennifer Fields’ contract. However, Steve Morgan, BOE chairman struck it from the agenda “on advice of counsel.” Instead, the move to discuss and extend Fields’ contract will now be at the April 4 meeting, he said. It will be the first item on the agenda, Morgan said.

But before the meeting was over, the proposed contract extension was brought back up by School Board Member Ronnie Lasley.

Noting that Fields’ annual evaluation hadn’t been started yet, while also mentioning the last one had 60 percent participation rate, Lasley asked if conducting the performance review wouldn’t be the next step.

An evaluation is not necessary to extend a contract, Fields said noting that she “values” the board’s “feedback.”

The evaluation should have “100 percent participation,” School Board Member Johnny Byrge said.

Circling back to the proposed extension, Byrge mentioned he had “heard talk of a lifetime contract.”  He then questioned Fields if she wanted more time on her contract. “What are you looking for,” he asked.

“Not a lifetime,” Fields said.

She plans to retire at 55 and is currently 52, she said.

“I would be honored to retire from this position,” Fields said.

The board’s attorney explained evaluation must be completed annually but a firm date is not outlined in board policy.