County Property Assessor Brandon Partin (left) and County Commissioner Rusty Orick continue to discuss the county’s reappraisal plan after Monday’s commission meeting. Commissioner Dewayne Gibson is pictured center.

By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – After two months of discussion and questions surrounding legislative changes coming down the pipeline, Campbell County Commissioners approved the county’s five-year property tax reappraisal plan on Monday evening.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: WLAF’s Charlotte Underwood’s detailed story of the property tax reappraisal plan is HERE.

The plan was approved with the “additional language” that after the state law changes, commissioners and the property assessor will “revisit the issue” again next year and that the county will request the state to amend the plan to a three-year plan.

County Property Assessor Brandon Partin originally presented the reappraisal plan in January, but commissioners wanted to clarify what was happening at the state level with upcoming expected changes to legislation that would impact this decision. 

Currently the state’s options for choosing a reappraisal plan are four-year, five- year and the six-year default plan. 

Partin recommended the five-year plan based on the fact that the legislation changing it to a two-year, three-year or four-year plan has not been passed yet and won’t go into effect until July of 2025.

Both Partin and commissioners spoke to state officials regarding the best plan of action, and it was recommended the county move forward with the five-year plan as the law has not yet changed.

After the commission meeting was over, Partin and Commissioner Rusty Orick spoke again. Partin expressed concern to Orick that the State Board of Equalization “might not pass it due to the stipulation” that was added.

Commissioners approved the county property tax reappraisal plan on Monday evening. The plan will now be sent onto the state to be approved or modified.

The law requires that plans for reappraisal be submitted to the State Board of Equalization and that the Board, with the assistance of the Division of Property Assessments, has the power to approve, modify, or disapprove any proposed plan.

The State Board of Equalization meets quarterly, and its next meeting is on April 8. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/27/2024-6AM)