On this Grand Week, The Grand on Central features Bill Thompson and Sleep in Heavenly Peace

Bill Thompson (left) and Jeff Paynter are working the stain tub at an October 2021 bed build.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – “When I went on that first bed delivery, it was icing on the cake,” said Bill Thompson with Sleep in Heavenly Peace (SHP). Sleep in Heavenly Peace builds beds for children who don’t have a bed, and Thompson is the local chapter president for SHP.

TOP PHOTO: The Sleep in Heavenly Peace motto is worn proudly on T-shirts, “No kid sleeps on the floor in our town.”

Though SHP was founded in 2012 at Idaho, it did not begin locally until Thompson learned about the life changing program. Thompson went to Idaho to learn about SHP. As he watched on that visit, he was just a little skeptical. However, he was beginning to be won over to the idea, and when he rode along for a bed delivery, that was the turning point.

Bill and Nancy Thompson, husband and wife, are the driving forces behind SHP.

Volunteers and donations are the life blood of SHP. “Thanks to all those in the past who have volunteered and donated,” said Thompson.

For more information, connect HERE or call 407.678.2638 for more information or email Thompson bill.thompson@shpbeds.org. To request a bed, simply go online.

John Cain volunteered for the very first bed build and has been at just about every build since.

Donations and volunteers are needed for the March 9, bed build. If you’d like to donate, monetary donations are welcomed or you can donate bedding, anything twin size. “Beds in a bag is a very popular item, twin size sheet sets and pillows are always ideal and comforters; all new,” said Thompson. “To volunteer to build, just show up on bed build day. No experience is necessary, and no tools are needed. We have everything that you need,” Thompson noted.

WLAF’s Big Josh Etter welcomed Bill Thompson (right) last week on one of Thompson’s regular visits to the old radio station.

“We make bunk beds for children who don’t have beds that might possibly be sleeping on a couch or a pallet or just basically on the floor,” said Thompson.

Here, a little more than five years in, the local chapter of Sleep in Heavenly Peace, the first chapter in Tennessee, has built and delivered more than one thousand beds to youngsters in our area. The first bed build of the new season is Sat., Mar. 9, 2024, at 9am, in the parking lot of Food City at Woodson Mall. The goal is to build 50 beds that day.

Rhonda Longmire with Community Trust Bank is a bed build regular.

“How many beds we build depends on donations and volunteers. We can usually be finished and gone by noon on bed build days,” said Thompson.

“It’s a complete package when Sleep in Heavenly Peace makes the delivery,” said Thompson.

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