CCHS Administrators currently looking at a 36,450 square feet sports complex.

TOP PHOTO: Campbell County Board of Education members held a special called meeting on Tuesday afternoon to discuss the building projects including the proposed multi use sports complex that is going to be built at CCHS.

By Charlotte Underwood 

JACKSBORO, TN (WLAF) – The Campbell County Board of Education Building and Athletic committees held a joint meeting Tuesday afternoon to discuss and make recommendations pertaining to Campbell County High School’s weight room and multi-sports complex. The board also discussed the possibility of repairing the old weight room at the high school as well, but the motion failed for lack of votes.

Board of education member Jeffrey Miller broached the subject once more about repairing the old weight room building that has been damaged and deemed unsafe at the high school. Previously, the school district had retained architects with MBI to determine the feasibility and cost of repairing that building. The cost was estimated at around $500,000 to repair it.

Miller said he had spoken to CCHS principal Ben Foust and that the school could use the building.

“The band could use it, softball and baseball could use it,” Miller said.

Foust was at the meeting and said the school could use the space for storage especially.

A representative with MBI Architects was at the meeting to field questions as well.

Board member Josh James said he thought it would be cheaper to build the building new, rather than repair the old one.

Campbell County High School Athletic Director Brad Collette addressed the School Board’s building and athletic committee on Tuesday evening to discuss the multi-use sports complex and weight room that is going to be built at the high school. Collette said the hope was to break ground on the project this summer.

The architect said he didn’t think it would be cheaper to tear it down and build it back and that MBI would design the repair to meet the district’s budget. 

Board members Josh James, Johnny Byrge and several others said they felt the cost was high for repairing a building that could sustain additional damage from being so close to the rock quarry.

School Board Member Ronnie Lasley made a motion to move forward with the current project of the repair of the weight room, with MBI as the architect. The motion failed.

Next on the agenda, BOE members discussed the proposed multi sports complex and new weight room for the Campbell County High School. 

Campbell County High School Principal Ben Foust and CCHS Athletic Director Brad Collette spoke at the meeting briefly, saying that they were not ready to move forward with hiring an architect for the project yet.

“We’ve been meeting with different construction companies, trying to determine how big can we build with the building and what can we put in it,” Collette said. He and Foust are in the initial stages of talking with contractors and construction companies about the possibilities for the budget.

According to Collette, currently they are looking to have a 243 foot long by 150-foot-wide building (36,450 square feet), but he said this might change and be down-sized depending upon additional estimates.

Once complete, the building would have a basketball court, as well as a turf area inside, a weight room and more. Plans are still in the very early stages.

“I’ve been at this for about a month. We’re not ready to hire an architect yet. Can you give us a little more time? It’s not a quick process to try to run a school and meet with construction companies,” Collette said.

He assured board members that the project will cost under the $1.7 million budget that is being allocated for the project.

“We would like to be started by summer and would like to have what we want to bring to you guys by April,” Collett said.

He also told the board he was working on getting things donated for the project and that he had talked to someone who said they would be take care of the grading.

Several board members asked to confirm the project would be used by multiple students and athletes.

Foust assured board members that the building would be for multi-use.

“We’ve talked to band and soccer and baseball; we are going to make sure it is multi use and cover as much as possible,” Foust said. 

Board member Johnny Byrge and others thanked Collette and Foust for all the work they were putting into the project.

Once more details are ironed out, Foust and Collette will be back before the school board in April to discuss the project more when it is closer to time to hire an architect. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/21/2024-6AM)

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  1. First, I love sports and I want all of our county athletes to benefit with the best our county can afford but if it is not safe for the football team how can it be safe for band, baseball, etc? I could see possibly storage for the school; however, if it’s at a high risk of falling in why would the county invest any money into the current building at risk of losing everything they have stored in the building.

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