By Charlotte Underwood 

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – Campbell County Trustee Monty Bullock spoke to Rotary Club members at Tuesday’s Rotary Luncheon held at the LaFollette Methodist Church.

Bullock has been in office for 34 and a half years and is the second longest serving treasurer in Tennessee. He went into office in 1990.

Bullock graduated from LaFollette High School and attended Tennessee Tech University. 

Rotarian Rhonda Longmire introduced County Trustee Monty Bullock as Tuesday’s speaker at Rotary.

“Other than talking at election time, I believe this is my first time speaking publicly, and it is an honor to be here,” Bullock said.

Campbell County Trustee Monty Bullock guest spoke at the Campbell County Rotary Club Luncheon.

He spoke about county government and how all the branches work together to serve the county, but focused mainly on what his office does, which is “handle the county’s money.”

“I serve as your county banker basically. In other counties in the state, the position is called the county treasurer. Campbell County is the only one that calls it trustee, I don’t know why,” Bullock said.

In his position, he is over five checking accounts for the county and 11 investment accounts, among others.

“I watch over the county’s money. I’m responsible for about $85 million dollars a year. We get audited two times a year, they have never found a penny out of place,” Bullock said.

Part of his responsibility in watching over the county’s money is to invest it so that it can make more money.

“I invest about $33 million a month of county money. With the interest on that, we should earn about $1.2 million.  I want to make more money for the county,” Bullock said.

He also spoke about several programs he has implemented in his office including the tax freeze program and the tax relief program for senior citizens.

“I love my job and as long as you keep me there, I will work hard for you,” Bullock said.

He also bragged on his employees and the job they do. 

“You got to get good employees who can count money and have good customer service. We run a clean office,” Bullock said.  (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 02/07/2024-6AM)