Davis tries to rob Gulf Station twice within minutes of each attempt and comes up empty

TOP PHOTO: Brian Davis is housed in the Campbell County Jail this morning on a $100,000 bond after attempting to rob the Quick Stop Market at the Gulf Station near the Towe String Road traffic light.

LAFOLLETTE, TN (WLAF) – A College Hill man attempting to rob a gas station market stopped in his tracks when a La Follette Police Officer pointed her weapon at him and ordered him on the floor.

Mid-afternoon Saturday, La Follette Police Officer Cheyenne White answered a robbery call at the Gulf Gas Station’s Quick Stop Market in front of Whiteway Plaza.

“Give me all your money” is what one employee told Officer White the would be robber said to him. The employee told him to leave, but he did not leave. Instead, he walked down an aisle and then turned and walked back up to the counter and started drinking a sports drink.

Another employee stepped in and ordered the man, later identified as Brian Davis, to leave the store and described Davis as appearing to be “high on something.” Davis reportedly left walking toward the Save-A-lot.

As the officer and one of the employees were watching a playback of the security video at the counter, Officer White heard the door open, looked and saw the man on the security camera footage was actually walking back into the store. Davis, who returned within a very few minutes, had walked past White’s police cruiser parked right up front beside the door and entered.

As Officer White, in uniform, was at the counter, Davis approached the other employee at the counter and, for a second time, asked for the money from the cash register. Officer White stepped in, pulled her weapon and ordered Davis to the floor and to place his hands behind his back. “He really caught me off guard coming back in like that,” said the officer.

White asked Davis if he had a weapon on him, and Davis allegedly said he had a kitchen knife in the pocket of his jacket prompting the arrival of Captain Charles Duff for back up. “I asked Davis if he asked them for all of their money, and he stated that he did,” wrote Officer White in her report. Davis reportedly confessed to taking the bottle of sports drink.

Based on the report, a stainless steel knife with a black handle was recovered from Davis’ left jacket pocket. “He did not have the knife on him when he came in the first time. When he left, he walked back to the apartments behind Save-A-Lot and came back with the knife, according to Officer White.

“He never pulled the knife nor had his hands in his pocket. He said he just needed the money,” said Officer White.

Davis, 38, of 359 College Hill Road, La Follette was charged with robbery (two counts), larceny/theft offenses- shoplifting and theft of property. Davis remains housed in the Campbell County Jail on a $100,000 secure bond awaiting a 9am court date on Thu., Feb. 1. This was his fifth arrest, based on jail records. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/31/2024-6AM)