Campbell County Schools reopen and return to a regular schedule on Friday

CAMPBELL COUNTY, TN. (WLAF)- Despite having used eight snow days in the last two weeks, the county is not running out of them.

“We have four days left,” said Campbell County Director of Schools Jennifer Fields. If those four days are used, the county still has two professional/ in service days that can be utilized. If more days are needed after that, the final option would be to extend the school year, she said. That would be a “last resort option,” Fields said.

“When you have weather like that, it’s (canceling school) an easy decision to make,” Fields said. “What is difficult is to predict incoming weather.”

Given the severity of the last two weeks’ weather, schools and adjoining facilities held up well.

There were a few minor leaks that were resolved quickly, according to Fields. The Campbell High School Field House experienced some flooding but has since been resolved and cleaned up.

Buildings were checked daily in hopes of quickly finding and fixing any issues.

School will be on time and in normal session for Friday.

“We look forward to seeing our students and getting back on a normal routine,” Fields said.


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  1. Every county in the state was out for this storm. It seems that would be a State of Emergency and those days could be given back to the counties. Especially since we are only a month into winter.

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