Sophia Demott, Maggie Herrin, Queen Madison Hill, Abby Crumley and Kylie Ivey

Miss Madison Hill, escorted by Balsa Dedic, is the 2024 Campbell Homecoming Queen (PHOTOS COURTESY OF ANDY ALOYSIUS)

Miss Madison Hill, escorted by Balsa Dedic, is the 2024 Campbell Homecoming Queen and was crowned by the 2023 CCHS Basketball Homecoming Queen, Miss Jody Longmire. (PHOTOS COURTESY OF ANDY ALOYSIUS)

Representing the Freshman Class:

Miss Maggie Herrin…she is the daughter of Cobie and Kyra Herrin.  Maggie’s escort is Hunter Walker, son of Travis and Randa Walker.

Miss Macey Miesel…she is the daughter of Lothar and Valerie Miesel.  Macey’s escort is Jake Hatmaker, son of Jody and Binnie Lynn Hatmaker.

Miss Eden Reese…she is the daughter of Elizabeth Huckaby and the late Jason Reese.  Eden’s escort is Ethan Hess, son of Brooke Hess.

Miss Aliyah Sierra…she is the daughter of Donny and Maria Poland. Aliyah’s escort is Keegan Nelson, son of Chad and Darla Nelson.

Representing the Sophomore Class:

Miss Kaylynn Byrge…she is the daughter of Josh and Jacinda Byrge.  Kaylynn’s escort is Gabe St. John, son of Bryan and Sherry St. John.

Miss Sophia Demott…she is the daughter of Chris and Thomasina Demott.  Sophia’s escort is Keaton Clawson, son of Ernie Mac and Shae Clawson.

Miss Abigail Johnson…she is the daughter of Sarah Williams and Eric Sowanick.  Abigail’s escort is Jordan Day, son of David and Erica Foust.

Miss Katie Wright…she is the daughter of Gordon and Angie Wright.  Katie’s escort is Eli Ayers, son of Andrew and Hannah White.

Representing the Junior Class:

Miss Arissa Baker…she is the daughter of Dale and Elisha Baker. Arissa’s escort is Brady Hatmaker, son of Jody and Binnie Lynn Hatmaker.

Miss Kylie Ivey…she is the daughter of Travis Ivey and Shanna Davis.  Kylie’s escort is Logan Day, son of David and Erica Foust.

Miss Macy Massengill…she is the daughter of Robert and Sarah Massengill.  Macy’s escort is Sam Sexton, son of Daniel and Heather Sexton.

Miss Aleah Woodson…she is the daughter of Lee and Kim Woodson. Aleah’s escort is Cole Miller, son of Bubba Miller and Patrick and April Sweat.

Representing the Senior Class:

Miss Abby Crumley…she is the daughter of Richard and Suzanne Crumley.  Abby’s escort is Luke Browning, son of Ryan and Jill Browning.

Miss Madison Hill….she is the daughter of Jason and Megan Smith. Madison’s escort is Balsa Dedic, son of Igor and Milica Dedic of Montenegro and host parents Jimmy and Kelli Jo Wright.

Miss Layklei Kidd…she is the daughter of Jonathan and Amanda Kidd.  Layklei’s escort is Gavin Cox, son of Richard and Becky Cox.

Miss Harly Smith…she is the daughter of Brad Smith and Tonya Bolton.  Harly’s escort is Dylan Ford, son of Matt and Kristie Ford.

Please give these young ladies and their escorts a round of applause.

Student Council members will be presenting each chosen class attendant with a bouquet and tiara this evening.

The Freshman Class Attendant is Maggie Herrin

The Sophomore Class Attendant is Sophia Demott

The Junior Class Attendant is Kylie Ivey

The Senior Class Attendant is Abby Crumley

The 2024 CCHS Basketball Homecoming Queen is Madison Hill

(WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED – 01/26/2024-9PM)