Smith ACE Hardware and Lindsay’s Furniture and Appliance are your sled headquarters.

TOP PHOTO: Sleds are ready for you at Lindsay’s Furniture and Appliance.

LAFOLLETTE, TN. (WLAF)- There has been a run on sleds. With the snow and school closures, area stores have seen sleds flying on the shelves.

“Oh my gosh… we sold over 150 on Sunday. And we were only open four hours,” said Frankie Hicks of Smith Hardware in LaFollette.

Since 1933, Smith ACE Hardware has been selling sleds.

Customers have not been just from Campbell County. Smith Hardware had a buyer come from Clinton, because he was unable to locate any sleds in his county.

“I am tickled to death the kids got to play in the snow,” Hicks said. “It is good they got to be outside and together.”

Find a sled at Lindsay’s Furniture and Appliance, in the heart of town between stop lights 7 and 8.

Currently, Smith Hardware is sold out but expects to have more sleds ready for purchase later today. Lindsay’s Furniture and Appliance does still have some in stock, according to Misty Horton.

“We have sold a bunch,” Horton said. Lindsay’s also has snow shovels still in stock.

Both stores have the round and the long sleds.

Smith Hardware also expects to have salt along with other winter items delivered with the sleds.  The store has plenty of plumbing supplies for those who have had frozen pipes. (WLAF NEWS PUBLISHED 1/18/2024- 6AM)